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More and more companies and individuals are now producing web video – It is important that performance is tracked and analysed so that improvements can be made with your messaging.


In many ways web video performance is easier to understand using analytics than static web pages – for example if 30% of the viewers stop watching at the 1:35 mark then you simply need to find out what you did in the seconds before than point – what turned the viewers off? This allows you to learn about your audience quickly and deeply.


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One thing that I have so far not covered on this video blog series is analytics for web video productions.


If you are engaging in regular video production then you should also be very familiar with web video analytics. If not then you are in luck; this video will show you 3 things you should be tracking as a minimum.


So, why is tracking the performance of web video marketing important?


The great thing about the detail available for the analysis of video content is that you are able to learn exactly where you are going wrong.


1) With YouTube videos you can see the exact timing of the moment when users stop watching your video.

Using this data you can learn your mistakes and not repeat them; this is far easier than determining and testing what may be wrong with a standard web page.


For example do people stop/pause/close the video when:
• You show a particular image
• When you talk negatively about something/someone
• When you have an unhappy look on your face


It could be any number of things that foster a feeling of fatigue/boredom or distaste in the viewer — you need to understand what causes this.


This data can be seen in YouTube Insights or it can be set up using events on Google Analytics.


Alternatively there are paid video hosting platforms that include detailed analytics as part of their offering. Wistia is one such platform that we like the look of and which is affordable for all businesses.

2)YouTube Insights

On YouTube Insights as well as understanding what part of a video users do not like you can also see statistics on social interactions such as shares, comments and likes/dislikes. By paying attention to these and using them to compare your videos you can start to judge the kinds of videos that have the greatest virality and that compel the viewer to interact.


3) Another tool that you should get familiar with is Google Website Optimiser

This allows you to split test (A/B test) or multivariate test one web page against another variant of the page or against many other variants in real time. This allows you to easily judge the true performance of your video in helping you to achieve your business goals.


You can test the performance of a web page with/without a video or video A against video B.


There is a lot more to video analytics that we can discuss in later videos but hopefully these 3 tips will get you well on the way to producing better and more effective video content.


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