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too boring for video marketingVideo definitely lends itself to particular business models. The history of television advertising has had an impact on how marketers perceive the possibilities with video. The impact of this is that some businesses struggle to envision how their particular product or service can utilise video. Anyone can benefit from using video, but not everyone has the creative capacity to work out how.


Some products sell themselves. All you need to do is put them in front of a camera and the features are enough to dazzle the audience and encourage them to buy (the Apple iPad is a good example of this). It isn’t this easy for everyone though. What do you do if your product is boring? It doesn’t matter what you are selling – you need to entertain for your audience to listen.


In this article we are going to share some examples with you that demonstrate that there is a video answer for any product or service. We will share examples that have been created with a range of budgets so that you can get a sense of the possibilities.


Virgin America Safety Video


It goes without saying that there was a big budget for this video. Virgin have turned the most boring bit of a flight into a piece of pop that could easily be in the charts (with a few lyrical adjustments maybe). Virgin have worked with Director Jon M. Chu and Choreographers Jamal Sims and Christopher Scott. The dancers include stars such as Mike Song and Madd Chadd.


They have even offered viewers the opportunity to appear in a future version of their next safety video which involves uploading an Instagram video, demonstrating your best moves, to a website using the #VXsafetydance hashtag.


It is a struggle to fault this video because it makes the safety points extremely clear and more engaging than ever – a definite improvement upon traditional ways of sharing safety information with passengers.

Official Ojai Valley Taxidermy TV Commercial


This video was made by YouTubers Rhett and Link.


Taxidermist Chuck Testa was struggling to get exposure for his business of bringing animals back to life… or at least making them look that way! His problem was that living on the west coast was resulting in a complete lack of publicity for his business. He had two options: Firstly, he could work out a way to attract more business. His second option was to move to where hunting and mounting animals is a more popular past-time. Rhett and Link got involved to help Chuck stay in Ojai. The goal of the video? Prove to the locals that Chuck Testa creates the most life-like dead animals in town.


This video was made quite obviously on a low-budget – it is apparent that the skill is in the idea generation and the comedy execution. The video was relatively unheard of until it was submitted to Reddit in September 2011. It was labeled “This is probably the funniest low-budget commercial I have ever seen”. The rest is history but that history includes being mentioned on BuzzFeed and the Huffington Post. Of course, it also generated a lot of spin-off photoshop derivatives:

chuck testa


How magical that a subject as dry as taxidermy can generate viewer numbers of over 14 million (at time of writing).


Kelloggs Fiber Plus


We could have chosen any number of cereal related adverts but we selected this one because it does a half decent job of selling fiber as a feature. If there was a prize for a product that is boring and dry, fiber would be in the running for first prize.


Dove Soap


We chose this video to share with you because it scores highly in terms of emotional engagement. Ultimately, the video is selling soap. However, it has a universal appeal in terms of questioning the way we look at ourselves and what beauty actually is.


Rather than making the video about their product, which could be considered boring, Dove have focused on their audience and what might be important to them. They have also revealed something about their own values, which they are hoping will be attractive to customers who have similar values.


The Guardian – Award Winning Three Little Pigs Advert


When thinking about products that are difficult to sell because of minimal entertainment potential, newspapers sprang to mind. This video from The Guardian could be mistaken for a movie trailer. It takes a traditional fairy tale, a story that everyone knows, and tells it differently. It uses this story as a device to demonstrate to the viewer how they would hear about it via their particular newspaper. It makes the ordinary extraordinary and it causes the viewer to think about journalism in the modern world.


It is difficult to find videos for newspapers, never mind ones of this quality. In this instance, The Guardian smashed it. They worked with a creative agency, BBH (London) and the budget would have been substantial. This example does demonstrate how some thought and hard work can produce mind-blowing videos about even the most boring of products/services.


Finally; we will not go into detail here as we have so many times before e.g. here, but Redbull have built their whole brand with the use of adventure sports videos. it is just a caffeinated drink!


So, we won’t hear any of this “my product is too boring” malarkey. If you are passionate about your product or service and you want the world to know about it, make a video (or get one made!).


But before you do, read this post about how to find the story behind your business.