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YouTube Competitor comparison tool


Video marketing has now become a staple part of a digital marketing strategy – people like to consume information in this way and businesses are now delivering it to them.


However, video marketing strategies and analysis of performance are still lagging behind older and more traditional forms of digital marketing such as paid search and affiliate marketing.


Simply measuring success by counting how many views your videos are getting is not enough. How can you tell how successful your video campaigns are? Or those of your competitors?


Trawling through each channel and making note of video views, subscribers, shares and comments is time-consuming and likely to result in inaccurate conclusions.


MWP YouTube Competitor Comparison Tool

This is precisely the reason we have developed the MWP YouTube Competitor Comparison Tool. This easy to use, free application allows you to analyse your own video channel against up to ten competitors.


YouTube Competitor comparison tool


The results are presented in three easy to analyse tables: Channel Stats, Social Stats for Channel and Most Popular Video Stats. There is also an embed of the most popular video on each of the channels you analyse.


You have immediate access to easily interpretable data which paints a true picture of how popular a channel is.


OK YouTube is not the be all and end all of a video marketing strategy but it does always play a large part.


How easy is the tool to use?

We’ve made this tool as easy to use as possible. All you need to do is input your YouTube channel URL and your competitors, and click ‘compare now’. That’s it.


The results are delivered on-screen or via email in minutes.


How can you benefit from this tool?

Regardless of how you are using YouTube in your field of work, you’ll be able to benefit from this tool.


Marketing agencies

As a marketing agency, you will quickly be able to analyse your clients’ competitor websites. Once you have identified how your client compares, you should be able to identify gaps in the results that your client could take advantage of.


Questions you could ask include:

  • What information are people in this industry looking for in general?
  • How could video be used to help deliver this information?
  • Which competitors are most influential through the use of video?
  • Which of the competitors videos are having the greatest impact?
  • Can you see any patterns in your competitors’ uploads? For example, is there a lack of viewer engagement with the video?
  • Are they watching the video, but then choosing not to share or to comment?
  • Do they have a strong presence on Facebook or Twitter?
  • How many playlists do they feature on? A video that is part of a playlist generally has a greater watch time. Playlists will also help with search engine optimisation.

Once you have answered these questions, you could look at developing a marketing strategy. Along with the downloadable Excel spreadsheet, which provides the same details presented in the onscreen tables, an actionable report could be presented to your client for review.


Video production companies

Prove to your prospective clients how much of an impact video can make on their marketing campaign by showing them evidence direct from their own competitors. Statistics have been shown to be one of the key influencers in persuasion.


The MWP Video Strategy Tool provides you with the numbers that matter to your clients. Whether they are looking to see how many shares a video can generate, or how including a video link in a Tweet will result in a 28% increase in retweets, the results provide a quick and persuasive argument for the power of video.



Of course, you don’t have to be a marketing agency or video production company to appreciate the benefits of the MWP Video Strategy Tool.


The tool requires absolutely no technical knowledge to operate. Simply input your own competitor channel URLs (not video URLs) and you have access to a complete analysis of how your YouTube presence stacks up against your competitors.


So what can you do once you have your competitors’ video data?

  • Check popularity: Analysing the results from your competitors’ video data is the best way to get a true understanding of how they are interacting with their customers. You can see, at a glance, which videos are the most popular and what people are saying about them.
  • Identify opportunities: If your competitors’ videos aren’t making an impression on Google+, this could be your opportunity to jump in or it could be that your target audience are not spending their time on Google+.


How does the YouTube Competitor Comparison Tool work?

Once you have inputted your URL data, the algorithm will deliver a percentage score. This figure is derived from a culmination of the totals presented in the tables.


Each scored element is weighted differently. The number of subscribers and social media shares is weighted more heavily than video views or comments.


This is because one great video might accumulate many ‘likes’, but is not a true representation of the video popularity on the rest of the channel.


For each element of the algorithm, the tool identifies the channel with the highest parameter value and sets this as the Max Score. Values from other channels are measured against this Max Score and a Parameter Score is assigned. Finally, the parameter weight is applied to the channel score.


You can download the results into an Excel spreadsheet.


MWP Analysis Tool in action

Take a look at our analysis on SEO companies, Moz, Hubspot, SEMrush and Raven Tools.


The results are in screen


You can clearly see the huge difference between Mozhq and RavenToolsVideos.


But there is also huge disparity between the third ranking channel, SEMrushHQ and RavenToolsVideos.


Let’s take a closer look at these two channels:

Raven Tools results

SEM Rush results


The MWP Tool has broken down the user interaction with each element of the channel:
SEM Rush vs Raven Tools


You can see that Raven Tools has been around for a longer time and has more comments and average views per upload. However, it is still lagging far behind SEMRush’s score and the huge total shares on all videos.


It proves the point that video quality over quantity matters most as viewers seek shareable content.


Final comments

Our YouTube Competitor Comparison Tool is designed for simplicity. It gives you the solid statistics that you can use in reports for your own marketing strategy or a client’s.


You can clearly see how your competitors are performing compared to each other and your own channel.


There’re plenty of digital marketing analysis tools on the market but none that we could find covering video strategy. This helped us to solve our own issue with competitor analysis so I hope that you like it too.


Give the YouTube Competitor Comparison Tool a try now to see how your strategy is standing up to the competition.