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youtube_logoOne of the reasons that the Internet can be so intimidating to newbies is the pure rate of change. Technology is constantly advancing and there is something new to think about every day. It isn’t easy to keep up with it all but there are things that you can do to keep yourself in the loop. If you use online video as a marketing tool, it is important to know what the trends are and what changes are happening. Here we are going to focus on the YouTube resources that we use to keep on top.

Why is it important to keep up with changes on YouTube?

YouTube’s algorithms are changing all of the time. If you don’t know what changes are happening and why, you may find that your videos on YouTube suffer in terms of view count.

If new designs and features are released and you aren’t aware of them, you will miss opportunities to optimise your videos further or to increase your exposure on YouTube.

YouTube Resources to help you keep up with trends and changes

YouTube Creators Blog

This blog is packed full of best practice tips, as well as being a fast source of information about changes to YouTube as they are happening. This is an example of one post informing users about changes to the templates available for video creators to use.

YouTube – Play Means Business

The Play Means Business channel of YouTube hosts a range of videos explaining the different advertising solutions available. Subscribe to the channel to be alerted when videos are added – i.e. when something is new happens! The channel is updated regularly with exclusive content relating to YouTube Advertising trends, news and insights.

AdWords Community

This resource functions like a message board and gives businesses the opportunity to ask a question and receive high quality answers from AdWords experts and members of the AdWords ‘community’. AdWords is an extremely useful marketing tool, for video as well as written content. On YouTube, AdWords will place your adverts with videos that have been returned in search results for content that is similar to yours.

YouTube Partner Bulletin

Includes ‘news you cannot miss’ and ‘product launches and updates’. This is a great source of recent YouTube news in summary form with links to the original posts. It is possible to subscribe to posts using RSS.

YouTube API Blog

A slightly more technical blog for web developers. It is only from looking at this blog, whilst researching for this article, that I learned of changes to the tag system on YouTube. All useful stuff – take a look for yourself!

YouTube Trends

This is a great resource, and not only because it has just introduced me to a video of Barack Obama singing Call Me Maybe by Carly Ray Jepson. This blog tracks the latest viral videos gaining popularity on YouTube and also written posts providing context for the trends that are being identified. Obviously, the 2012 US Presidential Election is looming, hence the Obama video. This resource will help you stay on top of what videos are currently successful on YouTube and why.

Bookmark all of these YouTube resources and dip in and out every now and again. You might find that some of them become a part of your staple daily Internet diet.