MWP Digital Media - Results Driven Video
Video Marketing Comparison Tool Check how your video strategy compares to competitors below. This competitive analysis will guide your future video strategy by showing you the brands that are doing great things in different respects…
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  1. 1) Enter your own YouTube channel URL in the box. (Channel not video URL).
  2. 2) Add up to 10 additional YouTube channel URL’s to compare against.
  3. 3) Click "Compare Now".
  4. 4) Scroll down to see your results when they are generated.

We have seen a reduction in bounce rate of 50% and a near doubling of sales leads.’ - Charles Oskwarek, MD, National IT Learning Centre
’The films have had a dramatic effect on my site. I would recommend MWP to anyone wanting to increase response on their website, and work with great people.’ - Owen O’Malley, CEO, TICN
"MWP digital media has given us a level of expertise and support that has truly delighted us. They have enthusiastically worked with us every step of the way to produce video that is not just good to look at, but really gets results in conversions and engagement with our clients." -Steve Twydell, CEO, 3t Group