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Video Strategy

Video is an investment. A strong, smart video strategy will ensure that your investment is spent wisely, on creating the right type of video content and showing it to the right people.

Through tracking and proving your business ROI, video strategy pays for itself.

Video Production

We help brands create and tell stories through the medium of film.

Whatever the medium, you can be sure your content will be compelling and engaging, and executed to the highest production standards.
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Video SEO

Distributing video content in the right way, at the right times, on the right channels, is critical to a campaign’s success.

We can optimise your video content for search engines and manage PPC and social media advertising, to make sure your video content is working as hard as possible.

Hundreds of Small and Medium Sized businesses and quite a few household names…





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Technology has permanently changed the way we interact with each other. For businesses, charities and public sector bodies, it has opened up entirely new ways to communicate with the people who use our services. But just as quickly, technology is reshaping the way...

Marketing to Women: How to get it right

Women play an important role in the buying process. They make up a majority of overall home and business expenditure and they're no longer a niche market that you can simply target by adding some pink and red colours to the campaign. Women are now leading businesses,...

Emotional brand storytelling: how risky is too risky?

As video producers, MWP Digital Media is increasingly asked by our clients in briefing sessions to "make it risky". It's always great news to hear that clients want to take creative risks - it'll certainly get you more attention than playing it safe. Gone are the days...