Video excellence - Made With Purpose

So you’re in charge of promoting a great brand or product, and you’re excited about the value a video can add to your marketing and the return on investment that video can deliver.


You’ve found some video production companies, and now you need some way to choose between them. Here are the 10 questions you should be asking before you decide who to hire. Some questions you should be asking them, some they should be asking you, and some you should be asking yourself.


1. Do they understand video marketing?

A good video production company does more than create a video. They will understand that a video is just one part of a larger video marketing strategy that needs to help your company achieve its business objectives.


Once you’ve found a company that does understand video marketing, you should make the most of their knowledge in planning your video to be fit for purpose – they’ll be able to tell you about industry trends and competitor activity, and help you develop a much stronger marketing campaign.


2. Do they know what they’re talking about?

Before you hire any company you need to feel confident that you’re in the hands of experts. You want to work with people who not only know a great deal about their industry, but can also explain things well.


If you talk to a video production company and they can only talk in industry jargon that you don’t understand, it may be best to walk away. Don’t work with people who will try to blind you with science to hide their lack of knowledge and experience.


3. Do you like their previous client work?

If this sounds like a trick question, it’s because it is. It’s important to see previous work they’ve done for clients and be inspired and excited for your own project. But equally, if you see a project that you don’t like, remember that the video was done for that client’s specific audiences, and so even if you don’t personally like it, it may still be perfect for that demographic.


When reviewing previous work, don’t focus too heavily on the content itself. Look at the production values: is it well lit? Does the audio sound right? Does the video ‘flow’ or are there edits which feel too disjointed and jumpy? Do the people being interviewed look relaxed and comfortable? All these things are almost invisible if they’re done right, so if you don’t notice them, that can be a good thing!


4. Are they good value for money?

Another potentially tricky question – ‘value for money’ doesn’t mean cheap. An expensive video isn’t expensive if it brings in many times its value of new business; equally, a cheap video is a waste of money if it has zero impact on your bottom line.


A good video production company will be honest with you about what you can achieve with your budget, and they will know how to measure the impact of your video. Here is a guide to video production costs.


5. Do they listen?

The best video production companies ask the right questions, and then they listen carefully. Only work with people who really want to get to know your company and your products – if they don’t understand your vision, how are they going to help you achieve it?


6. Are they creative?

Video is a creative medium, so work with people who are creative. After carefully listening to what you need, they should be coming to you with ideas and concepts that will bring the project to life. Don’t be afraid to bring your own creativity and ideas to the project too – a good video production company will welcome your input and work with you to develop the right ideas.


7. Are they good communicators?

Good communication is key to any project, and video production is no different. From the start to the end, you need to understand what’s going on, and feel secure that the project is all going to plan.


Good communication doesn’t just mean with you – do you get the impression that the production team all work well together? Do the people appearing in front of the camera understand what’s needed from them?


8. Are they organised?

Video production is complex, but that’s not to say it needs to be stressful. In fact, the opposite is true – if you’re in the hands of a good video production company, you should feel relaxed and confident that everything is being taken care of.


If you’re the kind of person who is naturally organized, you’ll appreciate the importance of combining creativity with high levels of management. If being highly organized isn’t a strength for you, then all the more reason to work with a team that is, so you don’t have to worry about it at all.


9. Are they excited about your project?

The best people to work with are the ones who love their jobs. You should work with people who love working with video, and who are enthusiastic about working on your project. Video marketing is a serious business, but it should also be fun.


10. Do you trust them?

Ultimately this is what it comes down to: do you trust this video production company? Do you feel like you are with professionals who understand what you’re trying to achieve, and who have the skills to deliver on time and on budget? If you do, you know you’ve made the right choice!