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Why is everyone investing in video these days? We’ve got 10 video marketing stats for 2019 that show exactly why you should be doing it too. Come and see.

The “good old days”

Video marketing on the internet has grown astronomically over the last 20 years. Before that, it was pretty much TV adverts, cinema commercials and terrible corporate videos.

“Oh, hello! I didn’t see you there.”

If you’re under 25, when I say ‘video’ I literally mean video. As in, get a VHS, pop it in a VHS player. Then hope and pray the machine doesn’t chew it up part way through out of spite.

It was specialist, hard to edit, and expensive to make and distribute. And it was also virtually impossible to measure its success. Yay.


"I've got this delicate reel of film for you to put in that machine full of metal rods." "Oh. That seems prone to error?" "It totally is."

This was honestly your best option for a long time.
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All hail the Internet

But now we have the wonder of digital video. Cheaper hardware and easier to access tutorials have progressively democratised professional production. Then on the consumer side, most people have a device that can both record and play video just sitting in their pocket. And in terms of measurement, the availability of a terrifying amount of data means you can find out exactly how well your content is doing.

As a result, video marketing has boomed. So now all sorts of companies now have their own YouTube channels. Pre-roll and in-video adverts are commonplace on streaming sites. Apps are peppered with bright, colourful video adverts. You get the idea.

Video marketing is all around us. Every serious business is doing it. And the numbers suggest that it’s going to keep on growing faster than your Netflix ‘Watch List’.


Top 10 video marketing stats for 2019

Here are our top 10 stats that show why video should be your biggest marketing investment in 2019 (and why you should hire some professionals to help, hint hint):

  1. Online advertising currently makes up more than half of all UK advertising spend (57%). By 2020 it will likely grow to 62%, or nearly two thirds of all UK ad spending (Marketing Week)
  2. By the end of 2018, video advertising alone was on track to make up 25% of all US digital advertising spend (eMarketer)
  3. 53% of consumers engage with a brand after viewing one of their videos on social media (Smart Insights)
  4. We’re currently in the early days of the 5G revolution, which promises speeds up to a hundred times faster than 4G. Just imagine how insane that’s going to be for video streaming. By 2022, an estimated 12% of mobile traffic around the world will already be 5G (Cisco)
  5. Mobile advertising will make up nearly a third of global advertising spending by 2020, it’s predicted. Then by 2021, it will likely overtake television (Zenith). So start making good mobile video content, if you’re not already
  6. Mobile video is growing much faster than digital TV, especially in emerging markets (Cisco)
  7. Video is going social. Social video advertising is predicted to grow by 44% by 2021. That will make it close to a third of all video advertising spend (eMarketer)
  8. Call that fast broadband? This is fast broadband. The speed of fixed connections is going to almost double by 2022 (Cisco). That’s a whole lot more bandwidth for video streaming. And you think you’re on YouTube and Netflix too much now
  9. 87% of businesses are using video as a marketing tool in 2019 (Hubspot)
  10. Despite the growth of user-generated content, subscribers still consumer far more content than they produce (Cisco)

Extra credits

Several of these figures are from the Cisco Visual Networking Index. We’ve summarised the ones we think are most important here, but if you really want to geek out there are lots more detailed stats in the full white paper.