Video excellence - Made With Purpose

Video is the perfect way to magnify the impact of an event. It enables you to reach an audience beyond those able to attend and create publicity to attract future attendees or sponsors. From just one event, you can create 3 different types of video all to fulfil different goals.


Maximising the use of video is important, if you have all the equipment and talent there, why not make the most of it? Amara asked us to do exactly that. Once a year they hold the Interior Blog Awards, an awards ceremony for bloggers in the world of interior design. It’s held at the luxurious Ham Yard Hotel in London and is, predictably, a very fashionable affair. Having only previous had small promotional videos made, this year they wanted a full live stream, longer promotional video and short 30 second cutdowns for social media.


Live stream


The live stream itself was to be kept fairly low key as the underground theatre didn’t have much room for large camera rigs. Luckily professional streaming can now be done from two small cameras and a Macbook. Graphics were all prepared in advance with a holding voiceover so that audiences knew when the event would begin, and the simple YouTube link enabled friends and family abroad to easily access the stream.


Once the event ends, the video automatically becomes permanent on YouTube, allowing audiences to quickly re-watch. The format also gives us a significant amount of data to analyse. Views from oversees were a high proportion of audiences, expected given the international nominations. On average people watched for 9 minutes, which is evidence of an engaged audience.  Amara was also able to zero-in on exactly when numbers peaked, so they could find out which awards people were most interested in watching.


This can be valuable information in the first few years of an event, as the format is tweaked and adjusted.


Social Video and Extended Promotional Video


Immedietely afterwards, it was important to maintain coverage on social media and encourage bloggers to share information on the event. This was the purpose of the short 30-second social video. To capture the hype and excitement post-event and create something short enough for people to quickly share.


We had a roaming camera at the event to capture the atmosphere, interviews and general view shots. This was quickly turned around in an edit within 24 hours of the event itself. See the final product below:



Amara considered the video a huge success. Continuing the energy of the night for a few days afterwards and engaging with even more bloggers extended the exposure Amara got from the event. The video was shared by people who attended the event, as well as connected sponsors and brands.


We also created an extended promotional film from the same footage. This was to serve the longer-term goals of promoting the event for following years and encouraging bloggers to submit to future awards. We used extended interviews, excerpts from the live stream itself and handheld general view shots to showcase the vibrant atmosphere. Take a look at the final version below.



As you can see, there’s more to be achieved with event video than first meets the eye. Various different films can be cut to perfectly match your goals or audiences.


The next time you hold an event, don’t just create the same old promotional video, think about what more can be done.