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video tech in automotive marketing

Technology is changing everything in the automotive industry, and marketing and sales are no exception. In this event our 3 experts in video marketing and technology will tell you everything you need to know about the future of automotive marketing and video.

  • Make more sales with smarter marketing
  • Virtual reality in the automotive industry
  • Turbo-charging your video content

At the end of the session you’ll have the chance to discuss your own experiences and challenges. We want you to come away from this session inspired and energized, and brimming with tactics for how you can use video technology to make a real difference in your business.

Make more sales with smarter marketing (Georgia Rooney, MWP Digital Media)

What makes a fantastic marketing video? A compelling story and professional production help make a good video, but if you want to produce something truly exceptional you also need a smart strategy.

We’ll talk you through a tried and tested methodology for creating great video content that deliver return on investment and make sales.

You’ll learn about how social media has changed the landscape, and you’ll see best practice examples of different creative approaches for different media channels.

Georgia is the Managing Director of MWP Digital Media, an award-winning video production and marketing agency.

Virtual reality in the automotive industry (Ben Bennett, Luminous Group Ltd)

Affordable virtual reality headsets hit the consumer market in 2016, opening up exciting new ways for companies to engage with their customers.

The automotive sector has been quick to make the most of this new technology, creating experiences that allows customer to be immersed in brands or interact with cars in completely new ways.

Find out about the different virtual reality devices currently available, and how you could use this technology to reach and convert customers.

Ben is the Managing Director of Luminous Group, a pioneering 3D technology solutions provider.

Turbo-charging your video content (Paul Greaves, Zimovi)

Video is a great way to reach potential clients and maintain relationships with them. But are you using it to its full potential?

Discover video tools to help you enhance your customer journey and streamline your sales process, while also building data that will help you make better marketing decisions.

Paul Greaves is CEO & Founder of ZiMovi, an innovative video hosting, communication and marketing platform.

Who should attend ‘The future of video in the automotive industry’: This session is ideal for Commercial Directors, Marketing/Brand Directors and business owners who use digital marketing to drive sales.

The session takes place from 9-12, and breakfast and refreshments will be provided.


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When: Wednesday 3 May 2017, 9am – 12 noon
Where: 01Zero-One, Hopkins Street, London, W1F 0HS

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