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An automotive marketing strategy can take many different forms. There are many areas to consider – we’re just going focus on video strategy here, of course. The approach you decide to take will greatly influence the effectiveness of your video advertisement.

While there is a lot of scope for creativity in the advert you eventually create, there are a few key considerations you should keep in mind.

Play to your strengths


The biggest and easiest mistake you can make in advertising and marketing is to underestimate your audience. When it comes to someone purchasing a car, this is especially true. Because of the high purchase price and ubiquity of both professional and word of mouth knowledge, consumers tend to know a lot about their options when they go to buy a car. And their knowledge is usually pretty close to the truth.

So the heart of your automotive marketing strategy should be to have a clear idea of your brand. More importantly, you should have a clear idea of how your customers see your brand. Know your strengths and weaknesses – because your audience will. If you focus on the wrong selling point or play fast and loose with the truth about your product, you advert will fall flat.

An automotive marketing strategy for your audience


You know your audience. But make sure you know what makes them tick. While you might have an idea about what appeals to broad demographics, the more accurately you can define your audience, the easier they are to advertise to.

Get plenty of data and don’t just rely on intuition. It will only get you so far. While having your own data is great, there are plenty of sources out there that can help you work out the right sort of messaging and approach you should follow, once you know your audience. For example, did you know that the Middle East, Africa and Latin America respond more to family-oriented messages than other regions?

What does a good automotive advert look like?


Here are two great examples of car adverts, from this year’s Super Bowl, by brands that know their product and their audience.

Mercedes is a quality, expensive brand. And they know it. Everything about this advert is right for their executive, well-heeled audience. The high production values. The star directors (the Cohen Brothers did this one). Peter Fonda. Steppenwolf. The whole American Dream/ Easy Rider thing that they’re doing.

At the other end of the spectrum, we have Kia. Mass market, low price and relatively low (but quickly improving) quality. They’ve gone for mass appeal through comedy. The focus is on the car’s fuel efficiency (implying that it’s cheap to run). But it also appeals to the progressive values of its young professional audience – who also happen to be early on in their careers and family life, and in need of a budget car that doesn’t cost the earth.

Know your audience, know your product and know what works in marketing and advertising in general. If you do that, you won’t go far wrong when planning your automotive marketing strategy.

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