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At MWP, we love working with start-ups to help them produce great Kickstarter videos. In this article, I’m going to give you 7 reasons why. Whether you’re running your own business, or work in the marketing department of a company, it’s worth considering how start-up businesses are approaching video from day one.

Kickstarter is probably the best known crowdfunding platform and it has revolutionised the way start-ups win funding to get started with their projects. These projects can raise in excess of millions, which is amazing given that the products don’t even exist yet! What many of the projects have in common is the use of video to capture the imagination of the audience and convince them that their idea is worth the cash to make it a reality.


Kickstarter videos work

The first thing to mention is that your Kickstarter is 85% more likely to succeed if it has a video. That’s a fact.

The following montage of Kickstarter videos is great as it demos the range of presentation styles, production quality, and stylistic approaches that you can witness when watching campaign videos. The different approaches to calls to action is particularly notable – they know how to ask for what they want.



So here goes with the key lessons we have taken away from working with startups and watching lots of these videos.


1 Start-ups appreciate the value of video from the outset

When we talk to businesses who are launching a Kickstarter campaign, we never need to convince them of the importance of video. They already understand the value of Kickstarter videos to support their campaign and they are keen to use it as a way to engage their audience and convince them to buy-in to their project.


2 Start-ups will commit some budget in the business planning process

Kickstarter videos aren’t an afterthought, some budget will have been committed to video as part of their business plan. This is a really valuable lesson when it comes to overarching marketing strategies. Video is another type of content – and should be treated as such. They’ve done their research and they know that video is considered one of the most effective content marketing tactics by 60% of marketers.



With such a revolutionary product, video was essential for this 3D printer campaign in order to demonstrate credibility.


3 Start-ups aren’t afraid to be creative

Because of the nature of a startup being a startup, the majority of Kickstarter businesses are open-minded and willing to push some creative boundaries. This makes the production process more fun and exciting and usually results in kickstarter videos that are unique and stand out.


4 Start-ups know that emotional engagement is key

The Kickstarter guide to producing video highlights the importance of kickstarter videos that engages the audience by talking to them from the heart and telling them who you are and why you’re passionate about what you do. Whether you use humour, or love or injustice as your hook, the key is that the audience feel connected to you and what you’re trying to achieve.



Flo have used video to simply demonstrate to parents how easy it can actually be to check your child’s temperature. The colour coded results are easily understandable on screen.


5 Start-ups don’t over-think

Hesitation is unnecessary, and waiting for perfection is fruitless. Even if you have no experience of video, the best way to get started is to simply get started and learn from your mistakes – and your successes. It’s always an option to update/edit your kickstarter videos after they’ve been published.


6 Start-ups use Kickstarter videos to explain and entertain at the same time

With video, you have visuals and sound to play with. You can use live action, interviews, animation, and graphics to communicate with your audience on multiple levels. These tools are unbeatable when it comes to demonstrating the features and benefits of a product, or explaining complex propositions.



FitBark appreciated the need for dog owners to see the product in action – immediately alleviating any concerns and offering a clear explanation around the practicalities of use.


7 Start-ups use calls to action (CTAs)

The crux of Kickstarter videos is the call to action – telling the audience what you want them to do, how to do it, and what they will get in return. An embarrassing number of videos lack essential CTAs – a wasted opportunity to channel audience attention to where you want it to go.

Kickstarter videos are a true testament to the power of video as a means of communicating, convincing and converting an audience. We hope you’ve find these pointers useful and if you’re considering getting started with video yourself, we’d love to hear from you.

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