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Gone are the days of just looking at view count. These days, everyone knows they need to make shareable video content to advertise their business. Don’t get me wrong, increasing your view count still has lots of benefits, including brand awareness and improving organic search performance. However, getting an engaged audience is the holy grail of video marketing these days. Sharing shows that people really love your video and want other people to see it. Not only that, it’s a great way to expand your audience for no extra cost and it’s seen as a significant ranking factor by search engines. But how do you get people to share your corporate video?

Let’s take a quick look at the 10 most shared videos of 2016 and what they can teach us. (You can see them all here.)

Emotion is shareable

Many of these videos pull on the heart strings to get you emotionally invested in their message. Take a look at number 10, a short film by 7 Eleven Thailand for Teacher’s Day. It’s an up and down emotional journey, exploring the importance of teachers in society and the incredible story of a 96 year old teacher from Bangkok. It links the brand to shared values in Thailand, in a highly emotive way. The minimal branding is respectful, placing the corporate message as secondary to the efforts of teachers.

It’s an interesting approach – and in terms of audience engagement, a very effective one. Comedy is a great approach too, but it’s riskier. Spectacle is another brilliant way to get shares, but is also risky, not to mention expensive.

Emotion was a factor we also found in successful Christmas adverts in 2016 – it’s no coincidence that last year’s most shared video was #BusterTheBoxer. Read more about that here.

Shareable video content has a strong narrative

One thing that nearly all of these highly shareable videos have in common is a strong narrative. That may sound obvious, but it’s surprising the number of videos you see that put narrative as a secondary thought to visuals. A strong and consistent narrative is essential to keeping your audience hooked. And an audience that has been engrossed in your video will probably want to share it. We all want to share a good story.

Take a look at number six, Nike’s video The Switch. Again, this feels more like a short film than an advert. It’s brilliantly told, heart-warming, inspiring and funny without seeming to try too hard. Most importantly, it follows a clear narrative that makes you want to keep watching and find out what happens.

Length comes second to content

Short videos do well online and especially on social networks. They’re also often the best option for mobile viewers. That said, length shouldn’t be the driving factor behind your creative decisions. When you’re making shareable video content, focus on finding the right tone and a solid, gripping narrative ahead of any concerns about keeping it short. After all, you can always make a shorter version of a video in editing, if you want one for various social networks. But if you want to lengthen it, that often means a reshoot. Make sure your creative is solid first. The two videos mentioned above are perfect examples, showing that shareable video content doesn’t always have to be short.

Work with a specialist

When you want to make shareable video content, get a specialist video production company on board. MWP work with companies through the entire process, from creative to delivery and distribution. This means you can leave your video in the hands of a specialist team, who will work with you to help achieve your marketing goals. Here are a few more reasons to get a professional team involved.