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“People don’t share commercials, they share emotions”. So says Scott Stratten, marketing expert, who has amassed over 80 million views for his clients.


Successful corporate videos engage viewers and evoke a sense of emotion so strong that people are moved to share them – and the key word there is “strong”. If someone laughs half-heartedly at something, or is slightly inspired, that doesn’t make them jump to the “share” button.


Whatever the emotion is – it has to hit it hard, and if you hit one or more of those emotions, that’s when the spread starts.


However, companies are often afraid to be emotional. Perhaps they think their product is too “boring” for people to relate to, or they think a business should appear professional and that humour is inappropriate. There is a saying that there are no boring stories, only boring story-tellers – and corporate video is an inherently emotional medium, that was just done badly for many years. When you utilize the emotional capacity that video production has available, it can make a big difference in changing static and dull content, into exciting and passionate content.


A study at the University of Indiana identified surprise, joy, sadness and inspiration as four of the primary emotions that determine shareability. Below are some companies that have really got it right:


Ben Crawford from Epipheo


Ben Crawford, one of the founders of Epipheo Studios, when asked what he felt were the essential qualities of a video answered: “(it) needs to communicate Truth, Story, and Love. I’m not always sure what that looks like but we want every product that Epipheo creates to resonate in the deepest way possible with the human soul. We want it to make people think bigger. Bigger than the latest internet technology or great feature. We want people to ask “Why?” Why should they care? Why does it matter?” And if you have a look at any of the videos on their channel, you can see that this message is at the heart of everything they do. They are not selling a brand, they are creating human emotions.




Another great example is Parisian Love by Google. They start with the question “What does Google do?”. As a technology Company, we would expect this to be answered in a technical way, but instead they use an emotional response: Google helps people connect with others, achieve their goals and fulfil their dreams. Google’s Vice President of Global Marketing, Lorraine Twohill, said in an interview that, “As we got bigger, we had more competition, more products, more messages to consumers, so we needed to do a bit more to communicate what these products are and how you can use them”. Everyone knows what Google do, and most of us use their search engines on a daily basis – with this video they are creating an emotional response and inspiring brand loyalty through a deeper, emotional understanding of the benefit you get from a search engine.


This is also a fantastic example of the power of music in affecting emotions, and the reason why video is such a powerful medium in allowing us both senses – after you have watched the corporate video once, try watching again with the sound turned off and see the difference!


The Element of Surprise!


People like to be surprised, especially if the surprise comes packaged as entertainment, as with BlendTec’s Will it Blend? video series:


BlendTec is a brand of blender. Nothing exciting about that.


But when you start blending random objects with it, it becomes a whole lot more interesting.


Imagine if this video series just featured different types of food. Will it blend beans? Will it blend pasta? Will it blend a watermelon? All of a sudden you’re faced with a very dull set of videos indeed. By doing something unexpected with the product, not only does BlendTec entertain its audience, it also portrays just how good its blenders are. Double whammy.


They came up with the idea as it was something that the Founder of the company was already doing to test his product – they just made it more entertaining through the careful choice of items.


We all Love to Laugh!


Humour is one of the best ways to connect with your audience – Professional is no longer synonymous with “serious”. The Dollar Shave Club, which sells the very bland product of razors, has pulled humour off seamlessly. Okay, nailing the humour part isn’t easy, but once you’ve managed that part, people will naturally feel attracted to you and your brand. And if people like you, they’re more likely to relate to you and more likely to trust you.


So whether we laugh or cry, feel inspired or gasp in shock at a corporate video – this is what we will be sharing with our friends!