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2018 is here and we’re all wondering what’s to come in the next 12 months with excitement – and a little trepidation. Last year saw outstanding examples of creative content of all varieties and adverts were no exception. So what up and coming themes and technologies will continue on into this year? What are the video marketing trends in 2018 likely to be? What mediums and styles are going to resonate with audiences? Here are our predictions.


Video Marketing Trends in 2018


VR Adverts


Virtual reality is becoming ever more normalised, with more headsets in homes and more powerful phones. Not only that, content creators are gaining experience in using the medium. So expect innovations in advertising on VR capable devices. The highly immersive nature of virtual reality and the potential for direct interaction with content is an advertisers dream. But it’s also a big risk if it’s done wrong, so we’ll see a lot of small scale experimentation in the early days.

We’ve already seen some interesting uses of 360° video for promotional content. Check out this advert from Ted Baker, for example, and John Lewis’s trial of the new 360° Facebook adverts, which let you see a product from every angle.

But full virtual reality adverts are only just beginning. The launch of Virtual Room from Unity will hasten this. The only advert using the platform so far was an advert for the film Jigsaw last October. Expect to see big brands trying out this new form of advertising much more over the next year. We think this will be one of the major video marketing trends in 2018.

If you want to read more about virtual reality adverts and potential opportunities, pitfalls and considerations, take a look at this guide from Google.


Activist Adverts


In a world where people are becoming more vocal about a variety of political and social issues and with an increasing trend towards ethical consumption, 2017 saw many brands becoming much more political in their messaging.

For example, Heineken’s “Worlds Apart” addressed the feeling that the world is becoming increasingly polarised. The advert showed various pairs of people working together to build a bar and getting along. It was then revealed that they have radically opposing views. They have to choose whether to leave, or to stay and discuss their differences over a beer. All choose to stay and all find some common ground and they continue to get along.

Some other great examples from the last year are:

There are many, many other examples, taking on issues such as climate change, feminism, immigration, social division, accuracy in journalism, racial injustice, homophobia and more. With all of these issues being discussed more frequently and openly, expect contributions from brands to be even bigger and bolder in 2018.


Comedy Adverts


Another one of the key video marketing trends in 2018 is likely to be humour. Because, let’s face it, the world’s in desperate need of escapism at the moment. That’s why 2017 saw a large number of exceptionally funny and often risky comedy adverts.

The best adverts of this type tend to play on commonly held beliefs or perceptions. They also often have an awareness of the tropes and cliches that are common to adverts in their industries. Some stand out examples from 2017 are:

Spaceship at the border | Friends of Canadian Films from GORDITOS on Vimeo.


High Production Values


We all know that video content is on the up. Data allowances and Internet speeds continue to increase, both in the home and on mobile. As a result, people are consuming more and more video. As such, in an increasingly competitive marketplace you have to be producing better and more original content to really stand out from crowd. This has lead to overall production quality consistently improving over the last few years. It will definitely continue to be one of the main video marketing trends in 2018. So expect the quality of adverts and promotional videos of every kind to keep rocketing up over the next 12 months.

There are plenty of adverts from the last year that are great examples of this trend. Three of the best produced were:


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