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Anglia Ruskin University – Giving


Campaign Summary

Anglia Ruskin University is a large UK university, with a good reputation both nationally and globally. The Philanthropy arm of the University engages private donors to support scholarship students and the University’s research work and facilities through financial and in-kind donations. The aim of this film was to spread awareness about the student scholarship aspect of the University’s Philanthropy program.

Creative Strategy

We worked together with Anglia Ruskin University to find stories that would show the real world impact of people’s donations. In this way, we wanted to create emotional engagement between prospective donors and the people that their money will ultimately benefit. 


Our creative process and focus on the recipients of the funding, as well as the donors and institutions, resulted in a film that is highly emotional and engaging. It features on the main funding page of the University’s website. We are currently engaged in a new project to highlight other areas of the University’s philanthropy work and its impact, to be shown to existing and potential donors.

“MWP produced a short video for Anglia Ruskin University to promote philanthropic donations to the university, focused around the stories of two students who received scholarships funded by alumni donations, and donors talking about the positive impact of their giving. We were very satisfied with the finished piece, which was beautifully shot, edited and produced. The technical quality is high and MWP have real strength in succinctly yet emotively communicating powerful narrative and human stories. ”

Jonathan Anscombe

Development Manager, Anglia Ruskin University