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Hopewiser – Inaccuracy Disasters


Campaign Summary

Hopewiser are a software and technology company that provides accurate address information to postal companies, emergency services and other businesses. They were looking to create general awareness of their services through a series of engaging comedy commercials.

Creative Strategy

We developed the concepts and stories from scratch, working closely with the Hopewiser team. All of these videos explored the problems that arise from being inaccurate. We used some of same characters and locations across the three videos. This both provide a consistent message and look, while also allowing us to operate efficiently and provide the highest possible product values.


The final social videos are short, snappy stories that grab the audience’s attention. At the same time, they use comedy effectively to reinforce the message that inaccuracy can lead to disastrous results.

“Hopewiser has worked with MWP to create a series of videos to amuse and inform our prospective audience. MWP listen to our ideas and have the ability to create videos that are professional and interesting to watch, whilst sticking to our brand values. We always enjoy the process and would recommend their service. They are not just a creative team producing films, they offer a full service of Video Marketing to optimise your viewing figures.”

Diane Douglas

Marketing Manager, Hopewiser Limited