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Hopewiser – The Gift


Campaign Summary

Hopewiser provides address management and postcode software to organisations of all sizes. They needed comedy adverts to promote their products to new audiences through social media and their other online properties.

Creative Strategy

We worked with Hopewiser to produce a series of comedy videos. These videos focused on the embarrassing consequences of sending your deliveries to the wrong address. Our focus was on the potential impact of not using Hopewiser and the consequences of having inaccurate customer data.

Promotion Strategy

These videos were used to promote Hopewiser’s channels through social adverts. Targeted YouTube pre-roll adverts and Facebook in-stream video adverts were used to both raise brand awareness and to drive clicks through to the website.


The videos received over 42,000 views from the advertising campaigns and over 6,300 clicks, between both channels. In terms of brand awareness, over 20% of people who were served the advert on YouTube watched it without skipping. Campaigns attracting clicks to the brand website were particularly effective on Facebook, at an average of 19p per click.

“Hopewiser has worked with MWP to create a series of videos to amuse and inform our prospective audience. MWP listen to our ideas and have the ability to create videos that are professional and interesting to watch, whilst sticking to our brand values. We always enjoy the process and would recommend their service. They are not just a creative team producing films, they offer a full service of Video Marketing to optimise your viewing figures.”

Diane Douglas

Marketing Manager, Hopewiser Limited