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Well, we’re coming to the end of another year. Another year that’s seen huge growth in video marketing. There’s been some pretty excellent work out there. With this growth set to continue next year, we’ve done some research and put together a list of five video marketing trends that will shape 2020.


Five video marketing trends in 2020

1) Getting involved with video

Interactivity has been taking centre stage in many consumer experiences for a while now. But video is still often a largely passive medium, barring a few common forms of engagement.

Consumers have a preference for interaction. And the increased engagement and opportunity to get detailed feedback and data are appreciated by businesses. Add to those the broader of context innovation going on in the video market and I think we can expect to see a lot more attempts to incorporate interaction into video over the next year (and beyond).


2) On target video marketing in 2020

Personalisation and segmented targeting are increasingly common online. With more services rising up to specifically cater to this in video content, we can expect much more of this kind of content being produced in the near future.

Data will play a greater role in content creation and distribution. Hyper specific content relevant to particular audience members or segments will become ever more prevalent.


3) The continued growth of YouTube advertising

It’s one of the most visited sites on the Internet and it’s still growing. YouTube serves users from across the demographic spectrum. On top of that, eye tracking studies have shown that adverts on the platform attract more attention from users than TV adverts do. So unsurprisingly, YouTube has been gaining an increasing share of advertising budgets.

Given the still growing recognition of its reach and effectiveness among businesses, we can expect this trend to continue during 2020. As competition on the platform increases further, expect to see more high quality videos and creative or controversial approaches, as brands try to stand out from the crowd.


4) Diversification of platforms

Another trend continuing into 2020 will be video advertisers spreading onto more platforms. Partly this is due to the increasing competitiveness of the most popular platforms for video advertising, as mentioned above. 2019 saw this with the increasing use of video adverts on platforms such as Instagram, with brands becoming more adept at producing videos specifically for social media.

As more platforms rise up with large user bases, expect companies to move on to these. Marketers and creators will need to get used to the advertising tools on these platforms and the specific tricks to running successful campaigns on each.


5) Trending towards increased integration

There’s another side of the growth in the number of platforms. Expect 2020 to be the year in which brands really get their heads around integrated video marketing campaigns. There has been great work on this front in the past. But those examples tend to be the exception rather than the rule at the moment.

Given that it’s increasingly common for people to multitask and switch between devices and apps, it’s increasingly important for campaigns to run in a consistent way in multiple places. Consistency of message and style that is; each advert should be an experience that works well natively.

Samsung – No More Blank Screens Case Study from St Marks Studios on Vimeo.