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In this oversaturated environment, people place value on “brands that are useful over brands that are interesting;” however, everyone defines usefulness differently. What all of these factors boil down to is consistent and quality customer service.

Consistency is the key, and every customer is just as important as the last. Keeping your existing customers happy is hard work, but it’s ultimately worth it. The people who have often organically reacted to your products, your brand, and your content are the perfect audience for your continued efforts. If brands spent more time on retaining the customers they already have, rather than concentrating all their efforts on new sales, then they’d see the benefits of a loyal customer base.

Customers start by searching, not visiting

In the Google survey we learned that six out of ten car shoppers start their research online and that 69% of people who used YouTube while buying a car were influenced by it (more than TV, newspapers and magazines). And the best part? An impressive 49% of buyers visit a dealership after viewing.

Internet search are incredible useful for customers to determine which areas of the car to focus on. For instance, Google reveals that interest in “trunk space” and “panoramic sunroof” rose by 15% and 31% respectively in 2015. Meanwhile, the time spent watching videos of test drives, walkthroughs and features/options spotlights doubled.

Is your website useful enough?

With the innovative rise of interactive elements on websites, far more can be done than just showcasing images of new cars. App configurators are also a good way to build interest. Chevrolet saw some success with their Camaro, accumulating 62,000 downloads in a couple of months, but then not allowing customers to test drive and buy. This seems like a wasted opportunity.

Trustworthiness of the information on a site is valuable to customers. Harnessing the power of testimonials through images, charts of even video can have a huge benefit on web traffic. This below video from Kia drove traffic up by 21% and dealership visits up a massive 71%.

Show them you care about aftercare

Positive past experiences play a huge role in decision making for buyers. As a result of a positive experience in service, delivery, trust etc. a potential customer will perceive the brand as being of much higher value to them. This shows the importance of aftercare and customer service.

This all comes back to the idea of Customer Lifetime Value. How much is a customers loyalty worth over their entire lifetime? For car companies, this can equate to a very large sum of money.

A brand like Suzuki is a great example of the best way to manage aftercare to hold onto customers. Their brand values are of reliability, care and trustworthiness. To promote their new ‘Service Promise’ campaign they created a series of funny viral videos to help audiences understand how much they care about existing customers, not just new ones.



We hope these tips have been useful in showing you how media channels can be used more effectively to existing customers. Keep an eye on our blog over the next few weeks for more automotive based content.

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