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One of the biggest challenges in digital marketing is getting your message in front of exactly the right people. There are plenty of ways you can do this. But one of the most effective is to create a network of influencers who will co-create content or promote your brand. Influencer marketing videos allow you tap right into existing, specific communities. More importantly, this audience already trusts the messages coming from the person your brand is partnering with.

Why use influencer marketing videos?

Influencer partnerships are not a new approach to digital marketing, by any means. They were around well before the rise of video content in recent years. But due to how engaging a video can be compared to an article or a photo, for example, the combination offers a chance for your brand to connect with audiences on a whole new level. You can see this in the fact that, according to a 2016 survey, 58% of PRs used YouTube for influencer campaigns – more than any other platform.

Compared to traditional celebrity endorsements, working with online influencers can be more cost effective. It can also feel much more personal and targeted to your audience. It’s a great way to kick off a customer journey.

Let’s take a look at how a couple of brands have used influencer networks to build large, loyal audiences of their own.

Loot Crate

You’ve probably heard of Loot Crate. If not, you’ll at least be familiar with this type of product (there are quite a few competitors these days). But just in case you haven’t, it’s essentially a box full of geeky collectables that gets delivered to you monthly (or to someone you’ve bought it for).

The product is appealing to the right audiences, but it’s also a pretty novel idea. That means Loot Crate had to make people aware of the product. (And there probably wasn’t a lot of existing search interest out there directly related to it).

They did this spectacularly, by building a loyal community. Part of this was sharing ‘unboxing’ photos and videos from existing fans. This helped to build a sense of a fun, cool, exclusive community. But another major part was – you guessed it – partnering with people to create influencer marketing videos.

On the one hand, they partnered with really big names like PewDiePie (55 million YouTube subscribers) and Jack Douglass (Jacksfilms, 2.9 million YouTube subscribers). But they also opened up their partnerships more broadly too. There’s an application form on their website, which means that anyone, as long as they have enough followers on social media, can be a partner. It’s a great way to open up your brand to lots of potential new audiences, big and small.

The results for Loot Crate? Millions of social media fans and 11 millions views on YouTube, as of last year. It also helped them become the fast growing private company in the US., now owned by LinkedIn, offers training in all sorts of subjects. To expand their audience and reach people who may be using ad blockers, created influencer marketing videos and sponsored content with prominent creators on YouTube.

They worked with big names to expand their audience. As with Loot Crate, they worked with Jack Douglass, as well as Red vs Blue creators Rooster Teeth (9 million YouTube subscribers) and video game analysts The Game Theorists (8 million YouTube subscribers). But alongside these audience building influencers, the brand worked with more targeted channels that are more specifically tied to what they do. For example,’s partnership with Minute Physics (3.8 million YouTube subscribers) was a great way to engage with an audience that had already shown an interest in online learning.

This mix of reaching highly specific, targeted audiences and more general audiences is a clever strategy for boosting both your brand awareness and your conversions. And it can all be achieved through the power of influencer marketing videos.

(This a long video, but the sponsorship message is right at the start.)

These are just a couple of examples of brands who have used influencer marketing videos to great success. There are lots of other stories out there of brands who have grown through clever partnerships with online video influencers. Make sure that your brand is one them.